Nestor Carbonell Interview

Menang CemeThanks to KeepingAwake for the heads up on this article with Nestor

Even though IΓÇÖm trying to remain unspoiled, IΓÇÖve heard that you may have already taped a Richard flashback episode. Hypothetically, if that did happen, did it hypothetically turn out like you thought it would?
I think we can safely say that I did shoot one. I obviously canΓÇÖt go into detail as to the nature of the episode, but the writers delivered a script that I was really blown away by. IΓÇÖve been wondering for three and a half years who my guy is, and IΓÇÖve been writing my own history to justify what I did; when I finally got it, I realized how off the mark I was, but I was really blown away. ItΓÇÖll come in at the midpart of the season, and itΓÇÖll answer not just questions about the origin of my character but really also the mythology and the real nature of the island. ItΓÇÖs a big reveal, and it wildly exceeded my expectations.

Is it the sort of thing where the writers will let you know that your episode is coming up, or does it just arrive on your doorstep and youΓÇÖre like, ΓÇ£Oh shit! This is my episode!ΓÇ¥
They gave me a bit of a heads-up, and I canΓÇÖt say why, but there needed to be one. I knew it was my episode about two episodes in advance, and [co-executive producer] Carlton Cuse also called me and said how excited he was about the episode and how much it would reveal. When he called me, I said, ΓÇ£Oh my God, I canΓÇÖt wait to read it now,ΓÇ¥ and then when I read it, it blew my mind. Part of me always wondered, ΓÇ£Do I really want to know everything about this guy? Do I want it to remain a little bit of a mystery and not get a full backstory?ΓÇ¥ But when I read how they handled it, it was really quite amazing. They revealed quite a bit, but thereΓÇÖs still some questions I donΓÇÖt fully know, and IΓÇÖd imagine weΓÇÖll get some of those answers. The bigger questions about him, though, they do tackle.

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Latest From Tv Guide Magazine

Bandar CemeWhatΓÇÖs going on with the “flash-sideways?”
Say goodbye to flashbacks and flash-forwards, and hello to this seasonΓÇÖs “different kind of storytelling device” the producers cryptically teased for months. “The flash-sideways enable us to return to Season 1ΓÇÖs character-centric episodes,” explains executive producer Damon Lindelof. “TheyΓÇÖll show what [the charactersΓÇÖ] lives would have been like if Oceanic 815 had landed and how their lives are different from the lives that we knew before.” In one reality, the bomb sent the islanders back to 2007 after Desmond had blown up the Swan hatch. In the coinciding alternate reality, “We’ll all criss-cross in very different ways,” says Yunjin Kim (Sun). “Certain characters will recognize each other and certain won’t.”

So should we discard all we learned in the previous seasons’ flashbacks?
Pretty much, says executive producer Carlton Cuse. “All that matters now are the flash-sideways stories,” he says. “These stories contain differences that you don’t need to try to reconcile, but loyal fans will find interesting.” For instance, Evangeline Lilly says Kate’s flash-sideways reveals that “instead of being a really tormented fugitive on the run, she’s now a fugitive-on-the-run who gets a kick out of it.” In his Ben-centric March 9 episode, Michael Emerson says, “You’ll see a man who is only faintly recognizable as the Ben we’ve known. What if Ben had been born and lived in unextraordinary circumstances? What might he have been like?” Josh Holloway tells us that Sawyer’s March 16 episode will show Sawyer is “the same guy, but on the other side of the law.” The March 30 Sun/Jin story will reveal “a totally different relationship” for the couple, explains Kim, where “they are no longer living in Seoul and Sun didn’t have to leave Jin at the airport.” And Hurley will no longer be cursed by the numbers. “He went from being the unluckiest guy in the world to the luckiest,” says Jorge Garcia. ΓÇ£He’s rich in good fortune.”

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Auditioning Snippet For A Submarine Captain

Bandar Ceme OnlineHere is a little snippet from one of our sources about some of the current roles that LOST is auditioning for. Nothing major, but interesting that we might see the Dharma Submarine again? I would assume these roles would be at the earliest for Episode 6×14.

“Just found out that they are auditioning for a role of a Navy Submarine Captain today, but they were auditioning for a total of 3 roles. No word on the other two roles. Yet.”

Source: The ODI

Lost Season 6 – New Set Pics Via Fans (Updated)

Menang CemeUPDATE: Here is another look at the stone well thanks to EggFooYoung. I assume this is what leads to the FDW?

UPDATE: Thanks to all of you that pointed out the NEW Numbers? Also added a larger version of the image

Below are some set pics thanks to several fans who have sent them into Ryan.

1) Hurley accepting his lottery winnings with NEW Numbers!?
2) Jack (we see his back) as Desmond is walking by. Also there is a blonde woman that appears to be maybe Claire?? This is from filming that took place a couple of days ago at the building that was listed as “Constellation Tower”
3) Set of a stone well being built

Several more pics over at Ryan’s Flickr including more pics of John’s camp that we recently posted and the Ajira set.


(Click to Enlarge)

View More Here: Ryan’s Flickr
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Two New Filming Updates – Feb 4Th

Bandar CemeHi Dark,
I was down at the set today at one of those remote North shore Beaches. They weren’t on the beach but filming a scene to look like they were in the jungle near a big banyan tree.

They were keeping the set really secure and didn’t let me watch any of the filming.
However, I did get to say “hi” to Terry O’Quinn (he’s super friendly) and saw Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway on set. I know Jack, Kate, Sayid and a character named Zoey (anyone know who this is?)were also filming today but I didn’t see them.
I saw some of the Locke’s Others on set as well (real dirty looking others, almost caveman-like I would say).

Only big scoops that I gleaned off the set, was there was some gun-fire. I heard while they were filming the scene.

The biggest thing I could see though, was John Locke was still wearing the same clothing that he was On-Island in the premier(that dark green shirt) so i believe he is still Flocke.

Source: PurpleFlash108

NOTE: This is filming for Feb 2nd.

They are filming in my BUILDING!!! checked out the 6th floor and an empty space now has “Attorneys at Law” on the door. All the extras dressed in suits and ties…a lot of attorney extras. Waited and waited for actors to show up and finally Matthew Fox showed up in black suit and tie.

Source: Aloha Oe@SurvivorSucks Forum

Lost Filming And Episode Analysis

Menang CemeLast Season I compiled a list of rough Episode Filming dates so that we could try to work out which filming reports went with which Episode. As filming has just started and we’re slowing getting Casting Calls I thought I’d do the same this year.

These are all rough estimates and there appears to be some overlap in episodes currently due to the information posted in the casting calls.

Episode No. — Start —- End
Episode 6.01 – 24/08/09 – 11/09/09
Episode 6.02 – 04/09/09 – 15/09/09
Episode 6.03 – 15/09/09 – 30/09/09
Episode 6.04 – 27/09/09 – 08/10/09
Episode 6.05 – 09/10/09 – 18/10/09
Episode 6.06 – 19/10/09 – 29/10/09
Episode 6.07 – 30/10/09 – 10/11/09
Episode 6.08 – 11/11/09 – 21/11/09
Episode 6.09 – 20/11/09 – 09/12/09
Episode 6.10 – 07/12/09 – 18/12/09
Episode 6.11 – 05/01/10 – 18/01/10
Episode 6.12 – 18/01/10 – 27/01/10
Episode 6.13 – 26/01/10 – 08/02/10
Episode 6.14 – 08/02/10 – 19/02/10
Episode 6.15 – 19/02/10 – 04/03/10
Episode 6.16 – 03/03/10 – 15/03/10
Episode 6.17 – 14/03/10 – 25/03/10
Episode 6.18 – 24/03/10 – 03/04/10

Lost – Episode 6.15 – Casting Call

Bandar Ceme[RYAN] Caucasian.. blond, 9 years-old to play 8, kind and shy. He has to take a test and is chastised for not being as good as the other kids… NICE CO-STAR.

[SEAN] Caucasian, dark hair, 9 years-old to play 8. Curious and rebellious, has an independent spirit sptv050769… NICE CO-STAR.

[MATT] Caucasian, dark hair, 12-14, dark hair, defiant and rebellious. Wise and smart but fights with other boys. HeΓÇÖs given a big responsibility that makes him feel important… NICE CO-STAR.

Source: DarkUFO