Auditioning Snippet For A Submarine Captain

Bandar Ceme OnlineHere is a little snippet from one of our sources about some of the current roles that LOST is auditioning for. Nothing major, but interesting that we might see the Dharma Submarine again? I would assume these roles would be at the earliest for Episode 6×14.

“Just found out that they are auditioning for a role of a Navy Submarine Captain today, but they were auditioning for a total of 3 roles. No word on the other two roles. Yet.”

Source: The ODI

Two New Filming Updates – Feb 4Th

Bandar CemeHi Dark,
I was down at the set today at one of those remote North shore Beaches. They weren’t on the beach but filming a scene to look like they were in the jungle near a big banyan tree.

They were keeping the set really secure and didn’t let me watch any of the filming.
However, I did get to say “hi” to Terry O’Quinn (he’s super friendly) and saw Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway on set. I know Jack, Kate, Sayid and a character named Zoey (anyone know who this is?)were also filming today but I didn’t see them.
I saw some of the Locke’s Others on set as well (real dirty looking others, almost caveman-like I would say).

Only big scoops that I gleaned off the set, was there was some gun-fire. I heard while they were filming the scene.

The biggest thing I could see though, was John Locke was still wearing the same clothing that he was On-Island in the premier(that dark green shirt) so i believe he is still Flocke.

Source: PurpleFlash108

NOTE: This is filming for Feb 2nd.

They are filming in my BUILDING!!! checked out the 6th floor and an empty space now has “Attorneys at Law” on the door. All the extras dressed in suits and ties…a lot of attorney extras. Waited and waited for actors to show up and finally Matthew Fox showed up in black suit and tie.

Source: Aloha Oe@SurvivorSucks Forum

Lost Filming And Episode Analysis

Menang CemeLast Season I compiled a list of rough Episode Filming dates so that we could try to work out which filming reports went with which Episode. As filming has just started and we’re slowing getting Casting Calls I thought I’d do the same this year.

These are all rough estimates and there appears to be some overlap in episodes currently due to the information posted in the casting calls.

Episode No. — Start —- End
Episode 6.01 – 24/08/09 – 11/09/09
Episode 6.02 – 04/09/09 – 15/09/09
Episode 6.03 – 15/09/09 – 30/09/09
Episode 6.04 – 27/09/09 – 08/10/09
Episode 6.05 – 09/10/09 – 18/10/09
Episode 6.06 – 19/10/09 – 29/10/09
Episode 6.07 – 30/10/09 – 10/11/09
Episode 6.08 – 11/11/09 – 21/11/09
Episode 6.09 – 20/11/09 – 09/12/09
Episode 6.10 – 07/12/09 – 18/12/09
Episode 6.11 – 05/01/10 – 18/01/10
Episode 6.12 – 18/01/10 – 27/01/10
Episode 6.13 – 26/01/10 – 08/02/10
Episode 6.14 – 08/02/10 – 19/02/10
Episode 6.15 – 19/02/10 – 04/03/10
Episode 6.16 – 03/03/10 – 15/03/10
Episode 6.17 – 14/03/10 – 25/03/10
Episode 6.18 – 24/03/10 – 03/04/10

New Set Photos And Report – 26Th Jan

Menang CemeThanks to DarkUFO reader Audrey for the following.

Here are the pics from 26th jan. Either 612 or 613, not sure.

Matthex Fox, Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia, Harold Perrineau and Zuleikha Robinson was on the set, at the beach.

– Hurley and Michael talk at cemetery.
– Hurley stays at cemetery, Jack has a shotgun, talks to Hurley and lets him here.
– Hurley and Ilana talk at cemetery and she leaves with her shotgun.
– The doubles of Hurley and Ilana was here and they acted.
– Ajira Airways Flight 316 was already on the set and workmen was colored it.

Please forgive any mistakes in my english. I’m french and I sometimes express myself in an awkward manner.

Source: Audrey@DarkUFO