Two New Filming Updates – Feb 4Th

Bandar CemeHi Dark,
I was down at the set today at one of those remote North shore Beaches. They weren’t on the beach but filming a scene to look like they were in the jungle near a big banyan tree.

They were keeping the set really secure and didn’t let me watch any of the filming.
However, I did get to say “hi” to Terry O’Quinn (he’s super friendly) and saw Jorge Garcia and Josh Holloway on set. I know Jack, Kate, Sayid and a character named Zoey (anyone know who this is?)were also filming today but I didn’t see them.
I saw some of the Locke’s Others on set as well (real dirty looking others, almost caveman-like I would say).

Only big scoops that I gleaned off the set, was there was some gun-fire. I heard while they were filming the scene.

The biggest thing I could see though, was John Locke was still wearing the same clothing that he was On-Island in the premier(that dark green shirt) so i believe he is still Flocke.

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NOTE: This is filming for Feb 2nd.

They are filming in my BUILDING!!! checked out the 6th floor and an empty space now has “Attorneys at Law” on the door. All the extras dressed in suits and ties…a lot of attorney extras. Waited and waited for actors to show up and finally Matthew Fox showed up in black suit and tie.

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Latest Tidbits By Michael Emerson Via Fancast

Bandar Ceme OnlineAfter ΓÇ£NotLockeΓÇ¥ (aka the Smoke Monster) orchestrated JacobΓÇÖs death, why didnΓÇÖt he just turn around and kill Ben?
ThatΓÇÖs a good question and I wondered it myself. But there is a reason why he canΓÇÖt do that.

Does Ben suspect he has done a bad thing by killing Jacob?
I really donΓÇÖt think Ben indulges in regrets. WeΓÇÖve seen him make huge, possibly bad choices all through his life, but he just keeps moving forward. It may not be a good trait, but it is his.

We like to assign the trait of ΓÇ£goodΓÇ¥ to Jacob, in contrast to the apparently evil ΓÇ£Man in Black.ΓÇ¥ Yet Jacob, with his dismissive ΓÇ£What about you?ΓÇ¥ comment to Ben, came off as, well, a uncompassionate tool. Maybe heΓÇÖs not quite as good as we believe?

ThatΓÇÖs what I think, also ΓÇô or at least his aktivitas is more complicated than we can know. ItΓÇÖs certainly not as simple as we thought. And yes, [Jacob] rather begs for his own death in a way.

With his dying breath, Jacob famously said to NotLocke, ΓÇ£TheyΓÇÖre coming.ΓÇ¥ How long until we find out who ΓÇ£theyΓÇ¥ are?

It will be a while, unless IΓÇÖm missing something. IΓÇÖm not yet sure what that remark means. [‘Lost’ was filming its 13th episode at the time of this interview.]

Might we see Ben in the ΓÇ£flash-sidewaysΓÇ¥ reality where Flight 815 arrived in Los Angeles safely?
Oh…. That’s a hard one to answer because these dimensions of time and space are… porous. And I think that’s about as much as I should say.

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